Blog Post # 115 – What’s Holding Us Back?

What is holding us back?

Are we even aware of what it is?

What is one concrete thing that we can do this morning to move on, to strive forward?

Perhaps we could probably develop a list of three or four things towards which we feel resistance.

But for today, we are only going to attack one thing.

We may choose to write it down.

We may meditate upon it.

We may ask ourselves – where is the resistance coming from?

Sometimes, when we succeed in getting in touch with our resistance, the idea of success may seem overwhelming.

Like something that we could never hope to overcome.

But becoming aware of it and writing it down helps to ease the resistance.

To give boundaries to the thing that is holding us back.

Defining the single biggest step that is holding us back today gives us a little power over it.

If we then take a whack at that resistance head on by taking one small action towards overcoming it today, we begin to get unstuck.

This is why centering is so important, why we need to reflect and keep asking ourselves what, exactly, is stopping us.

We need you. We need you at your best.

Your resistance is not doing anyone any good, especially you.

Set yourself free.