Blog Post # 113 – Accepting All Outcomes

How do we handle adversity?

Do we throw up our hands and cry “woe is me?”

Or do we quietly accept where we are at the moment and do what we can to improve?

Resilience is one of the greatest human capacities.

A muscle that can be developed through reflection, introspection and acceptance.

We can demonstrate resilience in ways large and small.

By fighting for our children when they need us.

Or by accepting an outcome that we weren’t expecting.

Things will not always go our way.

In fact, they often do not.

If we have the ability to step back and outside the moment to reflect and decide exactly how to respond, we will be so much happier than if we just respond in anger or sadness as a matter of course.

This ability to pause and to summon the strength of resilience is what allows us to succeed.

And resilience is definitely needed if we are going to try something new, to challenge ourselves.

When we undertake a new, difficult endeavor, we have to do so with the mindset that there will be setbacks AND that no matter what those setbacks are, we will be ready to persevere, to overcome.

This is how real change occurs and how we keep going when change is difficult.