Blog Post # 110 – A Tough Conversation

Are we putting off a tough conversation?

Skirting the issue so as to avoid any conflict.

Or maybe we already had harsh words with someone else and now avoid them as much as we can.

Either way, something needs to be said.

Will we be the bigger person and initiate the tough conversation?

Certainly, it is not easy to take that first step towards reconciliation.

Easier to stay angry, think about why we are so undeniably right and the other flatly wrong.

We can choose to walk around with our righteous indignation.

Or, we can realize that being so angry takes a lot of energy and focus.

Energy and focus that could be used to a much greater means.

In my own life, I have had times where I initiated the peace.  But oftentimes, I avoid this because I am generally averse to conflict.

When the other took the first measure towards bridging the peace, I usually ended up extremely grateful.

Glad to clear the air, to move on and to grow as a person in the world.

When I have taken the first measure, it has made me feel good about myself – like I have learned something and helped bring the peace.

No matter which side takes that first step, in most instances, when we talk about the issues that divide us, good things tend to happen.

Situations that seem bleak and beyond repair get mended by an amends and a conversation.

Life is too short to be maintaining an enemy’s list.  Even if it feels good to be angry.

For today, let’s reflect on those we may need to have a tough conversation with.  Be brave.  Try and make the peace.  For our own good.