Blog Post # 109 – The “Good” People

“God save us from the good people,” was one of crusty talk show host Jim White’s favorite sayings back in the day on KMOX.

So many horrible acts have been perpetrated on humanity in the name of religion or by people claiming to be religious.

The Holocaust.

The Crusades.

Men with collars who molest little boys and girls.

Fanatics who walk into airports and blow themselves and others up.

The prophets and philosophers who came before us had many good things to teach us.

But humans love to twist messages of love to hate, tolerance to domination, righteous living to self-righteousness.

Frankly, I am usually uncomfortable and a bit suspicious of those who profess to have all of the answers, especially if they believe said answers are undeniably divinely inspired.

Please check your religiosity at the door.

Let’s instead talk about whether you helped your neighbor, whether you fed someone who was hungry, whether you empowered your children or tore them down.

I want to know about your heart. And whether your heart translated to positive action.

For there have been far too many charlatans, hate-mongers and destroyers who cloaked their evil in the shroud of faith.

Be gone. The lot of you.

I will take the quiet spiritual person who strives to love his fellow man and woman, works to improve his or her community and does the right thing when given the opportunity.

This is what I try to be and I have no time for hate.

Peace, my friends.