Blog Post # 105 – Friction-Less

Here’s to a friction-less life.

Today’s technology offers many benefits.

Chiefly, by making our lives easier.

Click on your Uber app and a car shows up within minutes to take you where you want to go.

Need a book for your daughter’s biology class?  Go to Amazon and the textbook can be in your hands in 24 hours.

Have a client in Pakistan who needs to send you a copy of their birth certificate?  No problem – just ask them to email it to you and you will have it in seconds as opposed to weeks.

Amazing times that we live in.

So very different than the way things were just ten years ago.

Makes the future look very exciting.

The question, of course, is how do we leverage these new technologies and advances to actually make our lives better?

With less friction (day-to-day slowdowns) in our life, are we using these advantages to improve our situation?

Or, instead, do we use this extra time to play Candy Crush Saga for hours on end or to binge-watch the latest episodes of Game of Thrones?

We can have all of the technological advances in the world, but if we don’t use our extra time wisely, what is the point?

Really, how are things better in such a scenario?

For today, let’s look at the world with wonder and amazement in our eyes and then let’s make the most of every extra minute we are given today.