Blog Post # 104 – Silence


The opposite of noise.

No radio, no chattering, no podcasts, no music.

Quiet, quiet silence.

Do we fear silence?

Afraid to see where our racing mind may take us?

I once went on a two-day silent retreat.

Now that was a whole lot of quiet.

One of the byproducts of this connected world is that we surround ourselves with noise.

And while music has the tremendous ability to motivate us, calm us and reach us, silence offers its own benefits.

The ability to center.

The ability to relax.

To find that inner voice that is far too often drowned out by the din of the day.

Some of my best decisions in life have been made after serious silence.

I decided to leave Denver and come back to St. Louis after silence.

I decided to marry my wife while swimming laps in silence.

Silence, of course, is not just for big decisions, but small ones too.

For today, let’s commit to find ten minutes of silence to get to that place where we can hear ourselves think.