Blog Post # 103 – Gut Over Mind

They say to put mind over matter.

But perhaps we should put gut over mind.

Our internal intuition is a powerful tool.

Less brain, more instinct.

If we are in a proper state, our intuition can usually help us sort things out.

Now this if is a pretty big if.

It is rather difficult to get in touch with our intuition.

To get to that spot in ourselves that knows the right answer.

Knows what we should do today and where we should be this time next year.

Getting to that spot where we can tap into that internal, inherent place of balance is very hard to do.

We might only tap into that spot for a few minutes a day.

Meditation, reflection, journaling help us dig through the muck of the day and get to that spot.

Cell phones, the internet, constant noise – these are the things that take us away from that spot.

So much of what we do is on auto-pilot. Or, mind only.

For today, let’s dig deep. To that spot just below our rib cages.

Where the truth lies. Where the answers are at.

Where our hearts, not our minds, help us discern our best next step.