Blog Post # 102 – No Regrets

We don’t want to dip our toe in the ocean.

We want to dive right in.

Given the choice between dabbling versus full immersion, we want to choose the latter every time.

We only have one shot at life.

One chance do this the right way.

At the end of our days, we want no regrets.

No missed opportunities.

No misplaced priorities.

If we have the chance to make the peace, we make the peace.

If we have the chance to be remarkable, we go for it.

If we have the chance to connect in a meaningful way, we take that chance.

Every. Single. Time.

Each of us knows someone who died too early.

Who missed out on a full life.

We owe it to ourselves to do everything that we can to be in this moment.

Fully invested in our life.

So that whenever our own last breath comes, we know that we did everything possible to make our lives the way that we always wanted to live them.