Blog Post # 101 – A Lack of Empathy

When did we lose it?

Compassion for our fellow human beings.

Empathy for the suffering of another.

Sharing some of ours so others can survive.

Anger is the emotion that seems to drive our collective engine these days.

So many angry people running around.

Us versus them has reached new heights.

Let me have mine, but don’t give him or her any.

A hardness of the heart.

A lack of sympathy for our brothers and sisters.

Is there another way?

What if we viewed the suffering of those we know and those we don’t know as our problem too?

What if instead of us versus them, our mindset was “we” and “all of us”?

Idealistic, perhaps.

But the hate and the venom and the anger is eating us from the inside out.

We have so much to be grateful for, if only we can see it.

If only we can turn off our devices, breathe deeply and center ourselves.

Centered around the notion that we have abundance.

We have what we need.

We are safe. And tomorrow will be okay.