Blog Post # 100 – The Streak, and The Day After

Cal Ripken played 2,632 games in a row for the Baltimore Orioles.

The man did not miss a game for 16 years.

In doing so, he demolished the record previously held by baseball’s Iron Horse, Mr. Lou Gehrig.

Gehrig had played 2,130 consecutive games. Many had considered Gehrig’s record to be unbreakable.

And Ripken didn’t just show up. He had 3,184 hits and 431 home runs – very high numbers for historic shortstop.

But Cal will always be remembered for showing up every day ready to go to work.

He may have been playing a boy’s game, but he played it at the highest level through four Presidential cycles.



Iron will.

You have to think that Cal Ripken often didn’t feel like going to work.

That his body ached. Yet he kept on coming.

For me, I can put my head down and keep going. My wife has helped me develop that skill.

Fasting during Ramadan has helped me too. Running as well.

My problem is the day after the streak. If I run every day for thirty days and then take a day off, I find it very hard to get back started.

I bring this up on the 100th posting for this blog.

Obviously, sitting at a computer every morning for 100 days is a far cry from playing in 2,632 consecutive baseball games.

Still though, I am glad to have the streak. Interesting to contemplate what would happen if I missed a day.