Blog Post # 98 – Forget Defeat

Anger flashes.

People disappoint.

Judge denies.

Colleague quits.

Kids yell.

Tire flattens.

Rain falls.

Time expires.

Dream collapses.

All around us, things don’t go our way.

How we respond to adversity is one of the most important determinants of whether we succeed in life or fail.

We must focus, we must press on, we must persevere.

All those things that didn’t happen – all those hopes dashed – so what?

Head held high, we carry on.

We carry on because we are more than the sum of our setbacks.

We are strong.

We are mighty.

We are bigger than all of this.

These setbacks are just minor hurdles as we strive towards our goal.

With confidence that, at the end of the race, we will have given our all.

Forget defeat.  It doesn’t exist.