Blog Post # 96 – Round 2

How do we react when things don’t go as planned?

Checking in on our responses to adversity is a superb way to monitor where we are mentally, physically and spiritually.

When we take the kinds of risk that we discuss on this blog, we are going to have setbacks.

Minor setbacks and major ones too.

What is our mindset when we hit those walls?

Do we throw up our hands and say, “why did I even try this?”

Maybe we have even more negative “tapes” that play in our heads ….

We are worthless.

We are stupid.

We look like an idiot.

These tapes can be deep-seated and debilitating.

But they do us no good.

Setbacks, hurdles, pushback. These are the natural consequences of us trying something new.

The world is not always ready or accepting of the risks that we take.

So what?

If we stumble and fall, we should think not of failure but rather opportunity.

An opportunity to do better the next time, to improve, to gather strength for Round 2.

Every day gives us another Round 2. Another chance.

There’s the bell. Will you answer it?