Blog Post # 95 – Safety is for Suckers


Taking a chance.

Moving outside our comfort zone.

Letting go of a result.

This is what we are after. This is what we are called to do.

Sure we can toil along in our little, safe, hermetically-sealed environment.

Chug, chug, chug along to the monotonous beat of repetitive, safe work.

Lead an ordinary life with ordinary results.

Safe over here, scary over there. Way, way scary.

Screw that.

Safety is for suckers.

If we want to lead an extraordinary life, we need to do extraordinary things.

We need to push ourselves. To strive for more. To lean in and push.

Who said this was going to be easy?

Some academic chump who knows little about how the real world works.

Strive for more. Accept nothing less than greatness.

We need you to bring us your best.

Today and everyday.

So that at the end of your days, you can lie in your bed in the full knowledge that you did everything that you possibly could.

To lead the life of your dreams.

The life you were meant to live.

Not this poor man’s substitute, mediocre life you find yourself accepting far too often.