Blog Post # 94 – Unmasked

How many masks do we use?

A mask at work, a mask at home.

Our disguise, our cloak, our veil.

Clark Kent’s glasses.

The pretty girl with loads of makeup.

A happy face when we are truly defeated.

So many ways to hide our face, to shield our true identity.

What would it feel like to peel off our masks?

To let others know us – to really know us.

Too many of the world’s ills can be traced to folks refusing to be themselves.

Scared of their truth.

Masking it, covering it, hiding from it.

Directing their own self loathing towards others.

Making others pay for the hatred they have for themselves.

What if we just got to be.

To be who we are?

Unfiltered, uncovered, unmasked.

To let the sun shine on our unadorned face.

So that we can be.