Blog Post # 93 – Time is Ticking

Time is ticking.

Ticking on all of us.

Each one of us has a day with destiny.

For some of us, the day is coming soon.

For others, it could be years away.

What if we could know the day that we will take our last breath?

If there was a device or service that would tell us the day that you die?

Would we take advantage of that device or service?

Such an interesting dichotomy because we know that we are going to die.

No escaping it.

Yet we don’t know the precise day that we will leave this planet.

I believe most of us would choose not to know.

To stay unaware of the day of our demise.

Of course, no such device exists. At least not yet anyway.

So, we have to live today as if this is our last day here.

In my faith tradition, the leader often urges us to pray as if it is our final prayer.

Sobering, yes. But it infuses our day and our prayer with focus and urgency.

Focus and urgency is what we need.

Or we could just spend the day screwing around on our phones.

The day with destiny is coming. Perhaps much sooner than we anticipate.