Blog Post # 92 – Breathe

When Ibrahim gets on the pitcher’s mound, he forgets to breathe.

My friend Alan and I noticed one time that he had not taken a breath between three or four pitches.

Alan yelled, “Breathe, Ibrahim.”

Ibrahim took a large breath, looked to the sky and threw a strike.

Sometimes, we forget the simple act of breathing.

Of waiting two seconds before responding to an unkind word.

And taking a breath before saying something.

Breathing deeply in through the nose, slowly exhaling through the mouth.

Three deep breaths in a row can alter our outlook a bit.

Our body needs the oxygen, obviously, but the slowing down and the centering that comes are their own benefits.

For today, let us be conscious of our breathing, aware of the miracle that we are able to breathe and to practice breathing and the centering that it provides.