Blog Post # 89 – Airplane Mode

Ten years ago, the phrase “airplane mode” meant nothing.

Today, if we put our devices on “airplane mode” it means that we will not be interrupted by text messages, emails, pings, social media alerts or any other intrusive notification.

There is no rule that says we may only switch our devices to “airplane mode” when we are on a flight.

Airplane mode is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And not only can we put our devices on airplane mode, we can put ourselves on airplane mode.

How much time do we give ourselves for distraction-free contemplation?

How much mental space did we devote yesterday to thinking big thoughts?

Airplane mode can be a lifestyle philosophy as much as a technological technique.

When we have real work that needs to get done or when we want to create whatever it is that we call our art, we need focus and to center ourselves.

Getting away from whatever distracts us only boosts our ability to listen to our thoughts and to sense what’s really going on with us.

Airplane mode. It’s not just for Android and Apple. You may want to try it … today.