Blog Post # 85 – Empathy


The ability to walk in another person’s moccasins.

To see what they see. Feel what they feel. Experience their life for a bit of time.

We cannot completely empathize with another.

We can’t truly know their pain, their hurts, their struggles.

The experience of another may be diametrically opposed to the life we have had so far.

But we can learn so much from the defeats, and triumphs, of others.

Listening to another can teach us what not to do.

We can begin to understand where they are coming from.

When we practice empathy it is far easier to give people the benefit of the doubt.

When we walk through the world with the understanding that the people around us are dealing with their own issues, we are less judgmental, less frustrated and simply happier.

Impugning the motives of others, assuming the worst and being quick to anger is a hard way to go through life.

Hurts us more than it hurts anyone else.

For today, lets strive for empathy and try to help those who come in our path this day.