Blog Post # 83 – In This Moment

Being fully present solves a lot of problems.

If we are present in this moment, we aren’t concerned with the mistakes of the past.

Our focus is on what is in front of us. Nothing else.

We are not worrying about the future, either.

We know that the only thing that we can control is the choice that is in front of us right now.

Dialed in versus daydreaming about a future that may never come.

Unfortunately, it takes tremendous focus and energy to remain present in this moment.

It is all too easy to forget to stay focused and be present.

When I am with my family, I want to be focused on being here with them – not worrying about work or scrambling to answer the dings on my iPhone.

There also seems to be a very fine line between working towards a better future while understanding that the only way that we can impact that future is by the choices that we make right here, right now.

I tend to want to beat myself up over the mistakes of the recent or distant past.

Perhaps it is more helpful to keep striving to do the best that I can in this very moment.

And then let go of the result or outcome.

We can certainly try to impact our future, but if we try to control it completely, we will most likely end up frustrated and confused.

For now, let me remember to be present today. To do my best in this moment.

The future will sort itself out. Or it won’t.