Blog Post # 79 – The Slip

Sometimes we go off the deep end.

Off the wagon, off our diets or over our budgets.

We binge, we overspend, we get full.

Then we crash.

For me, these things tend to happen when I am under an inordinate amount of pressure.

Or when I have been hanging on too tightly. Been to rigid.

The line between success and a lack of success is very thin.

Easy to slide back into old habits.

One of the best things about being alive is that we have the chance today to have a better day.

If we are alive, we can be better, do better and strive towards being the person that we want to be.

We can beat ourselves up over our slide (backwards looking).

We can project how we are going to be so much better 100 days from now (forwards looking).

Or we can be present in the moment and understand that the errors in judgment that I made yesterday do not rule me today.

Today, like every day, I am free to choose how I live my life.

And then build on that.