Blog Post # 77 – Plus One

Sometimes, the umpire incorrectly rules against us.

Other times, the umpire’s error is in our favor.

The umpire may be a real umpire, a judge, a teacher or a bureaucrat.

How we handle these errors says a tremendous amount about us.

When coaching sports, the players often get very angry at calls that don’t go their way.

We counsel them to brush it off, stay focused and, most importantly, not use the bad call as an excuse if our team comes up short.

Losers find any excuse for losing; winners find a way to overcome.

True in sports, true in life.

At the start of our last season coaching boys’ baseball this summer, we had a call go in our favor that probably should not have.

My co-manager Scott noted that – at that point in the season – we were Plus One.  In the theoretical column marked “calls that probably should not have gone our way,” we were one mark ahead.

Later, when a brand new umpire made a terrible call at second base, our team was back to zero.

Plus one, even, minus one – some calls go our way, some calls don’t.

An effective approach to heading into the challenges in our life so as to not let any momentary setback keep us down.

Many of us are plus one, two or three and we lose sight of it.  Here’s to paying attention.