Blog Post # 76 – Ruled, or Rule

Perspective matters.

We can walk through our day feeling sorry for ourselves.

We can stay on our pity pot.

This is our right.

Many, many people choose to do just that.

Angry at other drivers.

Pissed at our boss.

Frustrated at each and every turn.

Or, we can choose differently.

We can ask ourselves is today really that bad?

We can think about how people in other parts of the world have no running water, rampant disease and live in dirt hut.

What passes for poor in America is fundamentally different than the poverty in third world countries.

And while some may dismiss this perspective and outlook stuff as hogwash, they are certainly free to feel that way.

But I honestly believe that we have to find our own happiness.

We may have hurdles, obstacles and forces against us.

If we turn over our power to be happy to those hurdles, obstacles and forces, we will be ruled by them.

For today, let us remember all of the blessings that we have, al l of the gifts and the love that we share in this world.