Blog Post # 71 – The Legacy of Our Art

The blank page.

The empty stage.

The canvas devoid of color.

What shall we create today?

Our art can be a sculpture or a screenplay.

But it can also be a birthday cake made with love.

Or a work memo to subordinates.

What makes it art is our intention.

Do we rush right through our creations, mindlessly churning to get a task marked as completed?

Or are we centered, focused and present on the task at hand?

Museums house the art of our predecessors.

Shakespeare’s plays are regularly performed some 500+ years after his death.

The music of Prince will be performed now more after his death than it ever was before.

What will be the legacy of our art?

No one will ever know the art we keep locked inside.

Share it with the world.

Leave your mark.

Let’s create something today.