Blog Post # 70 – (Over)Shoot the Moon

When we set big goals, good things happen.

Big goals, coupled with the desire and willingness to see things through, can set our life on an entirely new trajectory.

Here’s the thing about taking on a big, hairy audacious goal.

If we achieve our goal and our goal was big enough, then we have made tremendous strides towards changing something about ourselves that needs changing.

But if we come up a little bit short, that’s okay too.

We should still consider this a win. And for several reasons.

Let’s say we decide to lose 30 pounds and we only lose 25 pounds. That is still a huge change in the amount of weight we are carrying around.

Or if we decide to run a 5K in under 30 minutes. But it ends up taking us 32.5 minutes. Who cares?

We still ran a 5K. And we ran it in less than 33 minutes, right?

There really is no such thing as failure. Either we succeed or we learn.  Not being successful is simply an opportunity to learn how to do things better.

We learn about ourselves, we learn how to try things differently the next time and we learn the skills that we need to keep improving.

So we may consider overshooting our “real” goals. Thinking big – overshooting our true goal – can reap huge benefits.

What should we shoot for today?