Blog Post # 68 – Them

We are good.

They are bad.

Them. Over there. Those people.

The ones who don’t look, sound, speak or smell like us.

Everyone over here with us, we are fine.

It is them. They are the ones causing all of our problems.

Let’s get them.

They are the ones that brought this misery upon us.

We are blameless. We did nothing wrong.

They offended us. Those horrible people on the other side.

They deserve to have bad things happen to them.

We deserve to be happy 100% of the time.

Screw them.

Its us versus them.

Which side are you on, boy, which side are you on?

Wars have been fought over us versus them.

Talk show hosts have gotten rich by tapping into anger over those people who aren’t like us in some meaningless way.

Politicians have been nominated for President of the U.S. by gathering an ever shrinking group of “us” and tapping into anxiety, fear and hatred of “them.”

For those of us who want to build bridges instead of walls, maybe we need to spend more time thinking about a collective “we” and less about us versus them.

We are them.

They are us.

Life is too short and the stakes are too high for us to keep forgetting this.