Blog Post # 67 – Be Still

Be still.

Please, racing mind of mine, be still.

So much activity. So many tasks. So much noise.

Be still.

My brain sometimes pops from place to place.

Do this. Don’t forget this.

Look over here. No look over there.

Ding. “You’ve got mail!” Respond.

Rinse and repeat.

My mind goes one way. My heart goes another. My stomach needs tending to.

Radio. Phone. Facebook. TV. Email. Twitter.

Kids. Spouse. Co-workers. Clients.

Swirling all around. Life is swirling all around.

How to find the space to be still?

Dig deeper. Get inside. Listen to the inner noise.

The intuition. Direction. Discernment.

Safe in the shelter of our inner voice. The stillness.

Like a small cave protecting us from the swirling storm.

Even if only for a few minutes.

The still place. Where we can know our true selves.