Blog Post # 66 – Death and Life

Every day, a life ends.

Every day, another life begins.

Over and over and over, life commences for some and winds down for others.

We come into the Earth kicking and screaming.

On Sunday, I attended the wake for the father of a dear friend.

The sadness and the anguish in the room were palpable.

It cut me deeply, especially given how much time I spend thinking about matters of death and life. Perhaps way too much.

I left that honoring of a life well lived and went to the graduation party for another, younger dear friend.

This friend is pregnant and so thrilled to be welcoming her daughter into the world this fall.

Don’t cue the sappy Circle of Life music. That’s not what I am after with this post.

It just struck me hard watching one friend prepare to bury her father on the same day that my other friend celebrated the achievements in her life and the life of her little girl to be.

Death and life. Flip sides of the same coin.

The energy of life. The spark, the soul, the aura of life.

These are the kinds of things that open me up to the possibility of a Higher Power.

To wonder if there is something more than chance, of random molecules hurtling through the universe.

God bless those who departed today and watch over those who entered today.

We love and celebrate them both.