Blog Post # 64 – Decide Better

If you aren’t happy, decide to be happy.

If you hate your job, decide to quit.

If you don’t like your lot in life, decide to improve your situation.

A conscious decision always precedes real change.

You are not just an animal controlled by base urges.

You have a mind. Use it.

Next time, stop and reflect before you act.

Make everything a decision.

These next 24 hours are yours. Decide how to spend the time.

If you keep making bad decisions, stop making them.

Decide better.

Something bad happened to you in your past?

Someone treated you unfairly?

Ok. Grieve it, be angry over it, process it.

But at some point, if you don’t decide to move on, it will rule you.


So, for today, who are you going to decide to be?

It’s your decision.