Blog Post # 63 – “But I Don’t Want To ….”

“But I don’t want to ….”

Don’t want to change.  To Work.  Or Evolve.  Don’t truly want to improve.

This voice that reveals our reluctance can rule the direction of our days, our weeks, our lives.

The voice of resistance.

It is a small voice.  A voice we listened to as children.

Telling ourselves over and over that we don’t want to do something that we know that we must do in order to improve is harmful.

Destructive, really.

It would be simple to say that we must just ignore the voice and move on.

The better course of action may be to ask ourselves “why don’t I want to?”

And when we hear the answer to that again ask ourselves “why?”

To keep asking why until we get at the root of our resistance.

For me, it usually comes from that anti-Jim place – that place that wants to keep me ordinary, to keep me safe.

Do you believe that you have something to offer the world?

I mean do you really believe that?  Because I believe that I do and I absolutely believe that you do too.

This belief then requires us to challenge our resistance.  To bring our art into the world.  To bring our unique skills and our voice into community so that we may share and grow.

The antidote to a stubborn refusal to act is willingness.  We must first become willing to do this growth work before we can actually do it.

Pray for willingness.  Think about willingness.  Tell yourself that you are willing to become willing.

For when you are willing, opportunities will arise.  New paths will be forged.  You will be free.


And we will welcome you and your art with open arms.