Blog Post # 61 – Sudden Death

Game 7 of a seven-game series.

Nothing else like it in sports.

In order for a Game 7 to occur, the two competing teams must each win three out of the first six games.  Tied 3 games to 3, the two teams meet one final time to decide the winner.

The winning team advances to the next round (or wins the entire competition if it is the championship round).

The losing team goes home to begin thinking about “next year.”

They call it a “sudden death” matchup.

Congratulations to the St. Louis Blues.  Our local hockey team has won both of their playoff series this season by defeating their opponent in Game 7 of the series.

Exciting yet nerve-wracking at the same time.

What if we lived today as if we were playing in our own Game 7?

Putting everything that we have into winning today’s game?

Would our day look different?  Would our effort improve?

Maybe.  Just a little?

What if we knew that if we lost this day, the season was over?

We would undoubtedly fight harder, focus more and do our absolute best.

Here’s the thing: we may be facing our own “sudden death” today and not even know it.

Many deaths are indeed sudden and we never know when our time may come.

So let’s decide to bring our “A” game to everything that we do today.  Hold nothing back.

For if we do, we may indeed become champions.  

The champions of our own lives.