Blog Post # 60 – Not Yet Healed

Today, we have to dig deep.

Go beyond the surface and get to what it is that is eating us up.

We know that spot; we have visited it before.

This work of introspection, of learning who we are, is certainly not easy.

Not by a longshot.

We can glide through days at a time without ever doing the heavy work that it takes to find our true selves. Those days can turn into months, years.

This is especially true if a past trauma has broken a part of us. A part yet to be healed.

Not all scar tissue is visible. Injuries sometimes have a funny way of healing. The broken bone heals, but not completely. So true with emotional traumas.

Unfortunately, sometimes the only way to heal from past emotional traumas is to spend time digging around in there – revisiting past pain. We do this not to torture ourselves, but rather to try and “re-heal” in a healthier way.

Someone close to you may be going through this difficult process right now.

You might cut them some slack. It might help a bit.

Come to think of it, we may find it helpful to move through this world assuming that the people that we interact with are doing their best to deal with whatever issues they themselves have.

Even though we can’t see those hidden scars, we may be observing the manifestation of the prior trauma in the conduct that we observe.

Certainly a gentler way to treat people.

Even if the person that we observe to trying overcome is staring at us in the mirror.

Peace and love to us all today.