Blog Post # 59 – Stuffed

Do we really need all of this stuff?

The stuff in our house, the stuff in our office, the stuff in our lives.

We are overly stuffed.

We buy things that we don’t need.

Often, we buy these things on credit and pay for them later.

Stuff, stuff and more stuff.

Unlimited choice at places like Wal-Mart and Amazon means that we can get whatever stuff we want almost instantaneously.

We don’t even have to get out of bed to purchase more stuff.

Heck, in America, we have an entire industry – self-storage, pod units – designed to store the stuff that we can’t fit into our overly stuffed house.

Doesn’t it also seem like there are many more thrift resale shops than there used to be. At least these stores help raise money for worthy causes like Goodwill, Amvets and the American Kidney Foundation.

Yet they still stand as a testament to our mini-obsession of too much stuff.

We buy too much, we eat too much and we simply consume too much.

This leads us to work extra hours, to make extra money to pay for extra stuff.

Then we get stressed out working those extra hours which makes us tired and, you guessed it, susceptible to buying more stuff.

I often wonder when I meet with immigrants from very poor parts of the world what they think about all of our stuff. What they think about grocery stores filled to the rafters with abundance and the “gift” of unlimited selection.

Maybe the next time we think about buying more stuff, we can ask ourselves if we truly need it or do we just want it? Not necessarily out of some noble, minimalist view of the world, but simply to cut down on the amount of our stuff.