Blog Post # 58 – The Long View

Too often, we obsess on the short-term fix.

The quick solution. The easy answer.

Hopefully, we will all be on this planet for many years to come.

Strides in medical research and better lifestyle choices mean that many of us will live much longer than our grandparents did, at least on average.

We need to take that into account when deciding what we can build, accomplish and achieve.

If we take the long view – we’re talking five years, ten years and beyond – it changes our outlook on things.

It frees us to dream a little bigger and to try a little harder.

And we are not talking here about saving for retirement or thinking of that glorious day when we can “do what we want really want to do.”

Rather, we are tapping into our life’s work. Our special purpose. The one or two things that we want to be known and remembered for.

Narrow minded thinking yields narrow, little goals.

An expansive mind, open to all of life’s possibilities, produces huge goals – something important that is worthy of actually be called a goal.

So let’s challenge ourselves today to find our BHAG – big, hairy, audacious goal.

A marathon.

A novel.

A 60th wedding anniversary.

A trip around the world.

Let’s dream big, paint the sky and start striding towards something truly remarkable.

And then do one small thing today – this day – to bring ourselves one step closer to our shining future.