Blog Post # 55 – The Grace of Unplanned Opportunities




The will of a Higher Power.

Often times, we try to bend the rest of the world to our will.

To control the outcome. To minimize our risk.

We want people to do what we want them to do. And to do so quickly and without objection.

Drive, drive, drive – push, push, push.

We leave little opportunity for chance. When we hold on so tightly, there is neither opportunity nor space for the beauty of fate.

It is sort of ironic.

We push so hard for things to go our way and we forget that some of the most beautiful moments of our lives are the ones that we had no control over.

The grace of unplanned opportunities.

Meeting the love of our life when we hold the door open for her.

Having a great idea while going for a walk.

Running into an old friend at the mall.

It is amazing – the things that can happen when we let go of the outcome.

Even if it is just a little.