Blog Post # 53 – Turn Off, Tune Out and Kick Butt

“Serial rapist on the loose in South City.”

“Are your kids being poisoned by their school cafeteria lunch choices?”

“Mayor Smith resigns in disgrace.  Our exclusive story coming up next!!!”

Local and national news are designed to elicit one of two emotions – (1) fear or (2) anger.  Stories that produce both of those effects are the most popular.

One of the best small decisions that I have made over the course of the past few years was to stop watching the news.

I do not watch local news.  I do not watch the Crisis News Network.

I turned off the liberals on MSNBC.  I never started watching the unfair and unbalanced Fox News.

I do not listen to news on the radio very often.  And when I do, it is National Public Radio, which does not depend on ad revenue to survive.

Instead of the squawk box and the boob tube, I listen to podcasts.  

I choose podcasts on topics that I like with positive, upbeat messages.

Some of my favorite podcasts include I Love Marketing, On Being, Smart Passive Income, Brendon Burchard, The Ziglar Show and a guy named Michael Hyatt.

I listen to stuff from Gary Vaynerchuk almost every day.

And Seth Godin has a great series of talks on startups that they turned into a podcast.

I also use the time in my car to listen to books.  I borrow CDs from the county library and I buy books from  I just finished John Grisham’s latest book and now I am re-reading The Emyth Revisited by Michael Gerber.  

In turning off the predictable garbage from corporate media and by choosing what messages reach my brain, I believe that my outlook has actually changed for the better.

I engineered away the negative and regularly fill my head with upbeat messages that expand my brain.

I encourage you to try turning it all off for 7 days.  See what happens.  You might really like it.