Blog Post # 51 – Darkness, My Old Friend

So very easy to slip into the darkness.

The hollow place.

Where no light reaches.

The spot inside where the wind howls, forcing a shudder.

A thought. A memory. A fear.

Always inviting and willing to envelop us.

To trick us into that accepting that other version of reality.

A slide into the darkness.

In just an instant, fear takes over.

Like when we awoke from a nightmare as a child.

Blocking the truth, masking the light.

No matter how good things may be going, the darkness never stops calling.

Reminding us of its presence.

Refusing to allow us to forget him.

Sometimes we listen. But at our own peril.

For today, let us forgo the slide, ignore the lies of the darkness.

To be present in the reality of our lives, instead of dwelling on the mistaken surrenders of our past.