Blog Post # 47 – Easy Hard Work

We tell ourselves that we worked hard yesterday.

Put in a good day at the office.

We pushed some paper, closed some files and replied to a ton of emails.

Talked on the phone, surfed the internet and called it a day.

Hard work.

But did we really work hard?

Did we really go all in?

Did we build something, create something or announce something?

Or did we just move things along.  Piddle down the highway of life.

Very few of us dig ditches any more.

We don’t have to plow the back 40 acres before the sun goes down.

When was the last time we had to ride a horse into town.

Or dig a well.

Or treat our daughter’s fever alone because the town doctor was too far away.

Life in 2016 has its struggles and burdens.  No one is minimizing those.

But let’s keep things in perspective.  

The digital economy is 1,000 times easier than the lives that our grandparents had to live.  

And 10,000 times easier than the lives of their grandparents.

Let us be grateful today for how easy hard work is these days.