Blog Post # 47 – Our Imagined Truth

Isolation is always easier.

Getting inside ourselves, where we don’t have to face the consequences of our actions.

When we choose to disengage, it is so much easier to fool ourselves.

Convince us that our perceived slights are bigger than they really are.

That our imagined truth is actual reality.

No one can challenge our train of thought if we are not sharing it with the world.

Meditation and contemplation are noble endeavors, but they have little to do with isolation.

When we speak of isolation, we mean that hardened, dry place where we refuse to engage with others.  Our quiet space to check out and deny ourselves the benefits human interaction.

Isolation offers false solace.  A false sense of safety.  False serenity.

We can isolate at work or at a party.  We can isolate with people all around us.

Isolation is a mindset – a refusal to allow the things going on around us to impact us.

Sometimes, isolation serves a valuable purpose.  It can protect us from abuse or from harming ourselves.

But in most instances, isolation represents barriers, closed minds, echo chambers and fear.

Isolation and fear go hand in hand.  When we are afraid, we retreat to our corner and shut down.  Believing with our whole heart that our imagined truth is the only truth.

When, in fact, it is nothing of the kind.