Blog Post # 45 – The Itch

And then there’s the itch.

The new thought blooming in your mind.

An awareness of something that has been there for a while.

Inviting you to make a change.

The itch starts small. Microscopically, in fact.

The itch gets inside your head and asks you to listen.

What if I tried this?

What if I did things a bit differently?

An idea. An awakening. A reconnection.

The beauty of the itch is that it can pop up at the most amazing juncture.

When you are in a dark place, the itch invites you out.

Calling to you.

Lighting the path ahead like Harriet Tubman leading slaves to freedom.

The itch is your lantern, your muse, your better self.

Look for the itch. Cherish it.

If you feel stymied, be still. Take three deep breaths. Find the itch.

And the most important thing about the itch is this.

When you finally find the itch … scratch it. Don’t ignore it. Follow it as that is your path to freedom.