Blog Post # 43 – Leader v. Boss

Leaders inspire.

Bosses require.

Leaders set the example.

Bosses make an example.

Leaders collaborate.

Bosses divide and conquer.

Leaders say, “where there is a will, there is a way.”

Bosses say, “my way or the highway.”

Leaders bring out your best.

Bosses bring out your fear.

Being a leader works. But being a boss also works – for a while.

The people with whom we work and live know the difference.

They want to be led, not bossed around.

As humans, we are drawn to inspiring leaders – those who push us to excel. To be our very best.

Yelling and screaming will get the team only so far. Then people shut down and begin to resent the boss.

To see her for how she really is, not how she thinks she is.

A leader. Or a boss. Which do you want to be today?