Blog Post # 41 – A Righteous Anger

Why so angry?

Many of us walking around angry.

Angry at Trump.  Angry at Hillary.

Angry at our lot in life.

Angry about what happened to us long ago.

In America, we have a cottage industry built on anger.

Us versus them.  Someone/everyone/anyone out to get us.

To shortchange us.  To screw us.  To deny us.

Television and the internet deliver anger to us every day.

Super-sized anger.

And the tricky part is that the anger they peddle is a righteous anger.

One bad member of a group means that everyone in the group is bad.

Darren Wilson is a killer = all cops are racists.  

Osama bin Laden is a terrorist = all Muslims are bad.

Father Roger was a pedophile = all priests are perverts.

Right at this moment, while you stew in your anger, a baby is born.

A poem is composed, a song sung and a marathon completed.

You can continue to stay angry.  You have every right to your anger.

By no means do we want to take that righteous anger away from you.

But know that this is a choice.  A choice to turn on the venom, to suck it all in and to have that be your focus.

At what cost?

What have you decided to focus upon today?