Blog Post # 40 – Resistance is Futile

Why do we resist what that which is good for us?

Why do we veer off course, away from the path of success?

Why do we make choices that are contrary to our stated goals?

Resistance to our own improvement can be incredibly powerful.

We know where we want to be.  We know what we want to achieve.  

The signposts up ahead let us know that success may be right around the corner.

But we stop.  Afraid to keep moving.  To take the next step.

We huddle, worry and procrastinate.  We tell ourselves that this spot where we are right now isn’t so bad.  We accept the status quo.  Sometimes way too readily.

The fact is that the closer we get to our goals, the resistance strengthens.  While we sleep, resistance is plotting and doing pushups in the corner.  Thinking up ways to prevent us from succeeding.

If we acknowledge our resistance as an actual thing, as something that is out to get us, we can begin to outsmart it.  To not listen. To see resistance as the false idol that it is.

Sometimes, we have to literally stare down resistance in the mirror and say no.  Not today.

Today, I choose action.  I choose taking one more step towards success.  Today, I say no to resistance and yes to the me that I want to be.

Take that, resistance.