Blog Post # 39 – Last Laugh

When was the last time that we laughed?

A laugh that got the most of us.

A laugh we could not control.

Friends who can make us laugh are a treasure.

They know just the right thing to say at exactly the right moment.

The ability to laugh demonstrates that we are loose, open to possibility.

Laughing means lightness, energy and peace of mind.

If we are in a dry, rigid spot, we most likely are not laughing.

That’s a shame, but it is also a sign.  A sign that we are closed, tight, buttoned up.

Laughter can help us break out of the routine.

What can we do today to help us laugh?

Where can we find some things to laugh about today?

Who can we call today to tap into our laughing self?

When can we find time today to laugh?

Life is too short to have too little laughing.

For one day, we will have our very last laugh.

We will probably wish that we had laughed a whole lot more.