Blog Post # 38 – The Next Right Thing

From time to time, we get stuck.

Stuck when it comes to exercise.  Or food choices.  Or at work.

We dig in our heels and deny ourselves the making of a change.

We tell ourselves that this is just how things are.

That we can’t get past this.

Stuck-ness can be more subtle too.

Many times, it takes a few days or even weeks to realize we are stuck.

When stuck, the sheer scope of what we have to change may be overwhelming.

And this, of course, only makes us more stuck.

Simply being aware of our stuck-ness is the first step in taking action.

When we do become aware that we are stuck in some aspect of our life, the trick is to just do the next right thing.




A tiny step in a journey towards change.

We may not know exactly where we are headed, but we can often tell what the next right thing to do is.

Taking that first step in the general direction of where we want to end up provides a slight crack in our resistance.

And that crack may be very slight indeed.

But it offers us a momentary change in outlook, fleeting space to maneuver.

We must get our mind around the idea of change before we can actually change.

So first we become open to change, then we take our first step towards change and then we build – little by little – on the change that we have already made.

This is how we string together a series of “next right things” into a real change.

This is how we get unstuck.

This is how we become free.