Blog Post # 37 – Preemptive Living

Preemptive living.

Getting things ready today so that we increase the chances of a successful tomorrow.

Filling the gas tank so we aren’t stressed out the following morning looking for a gas station when the needle points to E.

Preparing three dinners on Sunday so that everyone has something healthy to eat before the school concert on Wednesday.

Emptying the dishwasher before going to bed so as to eliminate one task for the following morning.

Setting out our clothes for the following day before going to bed.

They say that the best defense is a strong offense.

We need to lean in to tomorrow.

Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring.

But if we can minimize potential stressors in the days to come, we maximize our chances for having a good day.

This is not about trying to control outcomes, but rather an attempt to reduce variables and keep our mind clear for the things that are actually important.

For if we use a bit of the present to make our future a bit easier, it allows us to be truly present when that future comes.