Blog Post # 32 – Opening Day

Every year, a new baseball season begins.

Grizzled veterans and hopeful rookies converge on Florida and Arizona to begin the process of preparing for the 162-game season. After 6 weeks of drills, scrimmages and spring training games, the teams head to the major league parks for Opening Day.

At that point, all the teams are tied. A clean slate for all 30 teams.

Hope springs eternal for each of the franchises – both the ones who played for the championship last year and those who haven’t been to the World Series in decades.

This is the beauty of baseball.

The rhythm and flow to it. The cycles and seasons. The fresh start.

And across the country, boys and girls begin their own baseball and softball seasons. The fields are prepared, the players hit the batting cages and the volunteer coaches run the drills.

Just like in baseball, our lives have cycles, seasons.

Periods of dormancy and periods of activity.

Practice, training, incremental improvements.

Strikeouts (a fail), singles & doubles (small victories) and even a walk-off homer from time-to-time.

The highs of playing in our own championship, the lows of our defeats.

But unlike baseball, we can have a fresh start any time of the year.

We can make today our Opening Day.

Let’s play two!