Blog Post # 30 – Eyes on the Horizon

Some times, our eyes are up in the sky.

Dreaming of our big future.

Looking past the clouds.

Thinking of blue skies, sunny days and crisp, clear nights.

Where are we headed?

How will we get there?

Dreaming big dreams.

Other times, our eyes are on the ground.

Trudging along.

Focused on the dirt.

Turning back to see where we’ve been.

Downtrodden, denied, dejected.

Someone or something nagging at our consciousness.

Thinking small, fearing failure.

At our best, however, we have our eyes on the horizon.

Aware of the work that needs to be done here on the ground.

But also aware of the blue skies in the distance.

A gentle match of earth and sky.

Not too down, not too up.

Balance, harmony, peace.

Seeking, striving and striding towards that place in the not too distant future.

We may not ever reach the horizon.

But it invites us forward nonetheless.