Blog Post # 29 – For the Sake of Art

All across the world today, someone is creating art.

A painting.

A mosaic.

A new jazz piece.

The artist creates because she has to.

Not because she feels like it.

Not because she has nothing else to do.

Because she has to.

Artists create art for the sake of art itself.

We each have the power to make beautiful art.

In every aspect of our life.

A few exercise that power, most do not.

Sharing our art with the rest of the world is a risk.

What if the world hates it?

What if the world laughs?

Certainly a risk, no doubt.

But the bigger risk is denying our art to those who need it.

Hiding the beauty that we can create.

For if our art connects with just one other human being,

It is so, so worth the effort.