Blog Post # 28 – Wiggle Room

This week, I had several conversations with a good friend.

He has been reading the blog and has enjoyed some of my posts – especially the ones about the lack of connection we all have with our fellows, here in 2016.

So check this out – we had an actual heart-to-heart conversation.

About real things.

About what’s going on in each of our lives.

In fact, we have had two such conversations.

Face-to-face, honest communication.

Can you believe it?

We talked about the people that we are and the people that we aim to be.

About that crevasse between where we are today and where we may be headed.

These conversations were such a gift.

That only took place because I put myself out there, opened up a bit and put my thoughts out into the interwebs.

My friend confided with me that he is feeling a bit stuck.

That he’d like to make some changes in his life.

He was looking for some accountability, the chance to bounce ideas off someone else.

I reminded him that so much of what I write about is the Aspirational Jim as opposed to the Current Jim.

He knew that already.

As we delved into that feeling of being stuck, I got the sense that his line of thinking was a bit binary.

Either he stayed in the job that he’s had for many years or he chucked it and did something new completely.

Either he used all of his free time going to the gym and dropping some pounds (thereby missing time with his wife and family) or he never worked out and just kept doing what he had been doing.

All or nothing. Yes or no. Binary x 2.

We talked about trying to get him some breathing room.

Some space to make small decisions, minor tweaks and sustainable changes to his weekly routine.

In short, my friend just needed some wiggle room.

He seemed a bit boxed in. Stymied, perhaps.

I totally get it as I often fall into that trap. The trap of all or nothing.

It is a false narrative. And it doesn’t serve us very well.

For today, let’s try and find ourselves some wiggle room in an area that has us stymied.

So that we can eventually be free.