Blog Post # 27 – In Reality

In my mind, I already made the changes that needed to be made.

In my mind, I am approaching perfection.

In my mind, I have already arrived.

In reality, there is more of a gap between where I currently am and where I want to be.

In reality, there is no such thing as a perfect human being.

In reality, change is fleeting and old habits return.

I put these thoughts of mine out into the world not to be preachy or holier than thou.

I have just as much to learn as anybody else.

Uncle Seth was right, of course.

When I put myself out there, “publishing” my philosophy on how the world works, it changes me.

Changes my reality.

Puts me on the record.

And I am really enjoying it.

It forces me to ask myself if I am really going to walk the walk.

Or, more specifically, am I willing to settle for merely changing my mind?

Seems like a poor substitute for true change to the real me in the physical world.